Personal Branding As an Effective Tool for a Job Search

Are you presently at loss as to how to use personal branding as an effective tool for your job search? Are you as a business owner presently agonizing on what personal branding will do to your business? Or you are looking for ways of shortening the period of your search for work and do not know how? Those with the knowledge about branding having observed the agonies of most job seekers have come to realize the benefits personal branding plays in effectively positioning job seekers and in particular executives in their quest to land their dream jobs or for winning jobs for their business. For a start, it helps optimize your strengths thereby enhancing your self-awareness. Secondly, it helps in clarifying what you want and how to set your goals and reach it. Thirdly, once you have identified your strengths, you can use it to create visibility to those who will assist you in reaching your goals. Finally, it helps you in differentiating yourself from the crowd. This article is therefore basically about why branding is a tool to effectively position you in making a success of your job hunting.

The world thinks of Christopher Colombus as a discoverer. One who started the voyage of discovery through his transatlantic voyage. What people did not know however is that he was a salesman and leader too. He had to sell his dream of transatlantic voyage in order to execute it. Let us consider the odds against his vision:

i. There was no market for transatlantic voyage.
ii. Although he had made voyages as a passenger but not as a captain.
iii. He was a foreigner (Italian) living in a foreign land, Portugal and then Spain.
iv. He did not have enough money to fund the expedition.
v. His price for the expedition was not cheap (a) He wanted 10% commission on all the trades between the discovered territories and the mother country.(b) He wanted the title of Admiral of the Fleet. (c) He wanted a permanent position of Governor of all the territories discovered. (d) He wanted all the honors and rights passed on to his heirs.

Despite the odds stacked against him, Colombus was able to sell the expedition at his own price. How did he achieve this? He did this through personal branding and marketing of course. He got the wealthy and influential citizens in both Spain and Portugal to invest in his dream and vision. He had to market his vision before he could sail. People had to buy into him (his brand) before they bought into his vision. Was he convincing? Could he pull what he was marketing off? He branded himself as a voyager and a voyager before he actually became one. This was salesmanship at its finest. It was personal branding at its best.

What is Personal Branding?

Megguiseppi defined personal branding as “Defining, differentiating and communicating ROI (return on investment) value you offer your target employers over others competing for the same job.” From this definition, one should note that personal branding indicates the chance to “stand out” among the crowd of job seekers. In this world of increased competition and globalization regardless of age, position or business, it is necessary to understand the importance of branding. Successful organizations like Nike, Microsoft, Apple, Dell Computers etc are known for their branding. Like these successful organizations, to continue to be relevant in business today, job hunters and business owners need to make personal branding their most important job. To these successful organizations, their brand is their Unique Selling Points (USP). To the job seeker, personal branding is his Unique Selling Attributes, that is those attributes he could use to market himself to prospective employers.

Tom Peters in his own contribution on the importance of personal branding said “Regardless of age, regardless of the position, regardless of the business we happen to be in, all of us need to understand the importance of personal branding. We are the CEO’s of our own companies: Me Inc. To be in business today, our most important job is to be the head marketer for the brand called You”. Branding is all about identifying what makes you unique and relevant and communicating it to targeted audience or potential employers so that you could reach your career/business goals faster. Once you identify your strengths, passions, skills, interests and values, you can therefore use the same information to separate yourself from your competitors. Branding therefore sends a clear message about you and what you have to offer. Consequently, it makes you more unique and more successful in your job hunting.

From the foregoing, the importance of personal branding to job search could therefore not be over emphasized. Branding creates wealth. This is because strong brands charge a premium for their services since people know their value. Further, strong brands are usually successful despite challenges and downturn in the economy because of their uniqueness. Consequently branding makes job hunting more successful in whatever capacity but most especially as an executive or business owner. To learn more about ways of using personal branding as a tool to further enhance your job search,